Compare django-columns and django-vertical-multi-columns

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The source code for this comparison is in GitHub.


Asparagus (green)
Basil (green)
Beans (yellow)
Beets (red)
Bell Peppers (red)
Broccoli (green)
Brussels Sprouts (green)
Cabbage (green)
Cantaloupe (orange)
Carrots (orange)
Cauliflower (white)
Celery (green)
Chard (green)
Chives (green)
Cilantro (green)
Collard Greens (green)
Cucumbers (green)
Dill (green)
Eggplant (purple)
Garlic (white)
Kale (green)
Lettuce (green)
Mint (green)
Okra (green)
Onion (white)
Oregano (green)
Parsley (green)
Parsnips (white)
Peas (green)
Potatoes (white)
Pumpkins (orange)
Radishes (red)
Rhubarb (red)
Rosemary (green)
Sage (green)
Spinach (green)
Summer Squash (yellow)
Sweet Corn (yellow)
Sweet Potato (orange)
Tarragon (green)
Thyme (green)
Tomatoes (red)
Turnips (white)
Watermelon (red)
Winter Squash (orange)